• All Fellows are required to submit a minimum of 30 points to maintain their Fellowship status.
  • Fellows who are unable to submit the required activities within the 3-year application period may request an extension due to extenuating circumstances. Details on requesting an extension are found on the Extension Request page.
  • Activities and points used to earn the Fellowship designation may not be used a second time to maintain the Fellowship designation.
  • Having said this, should we have a second look at granting points for those activities that mesh with encouraging life-long learning such as submission of additional case reports, poster presentation (that could add to the ones presented by Fellowship applicants and really drive this activity), presentation of a lecture (to drive higher numbers on the “Speakers Circuit”), etc.
Type of Activity Points
Completion of a CCSO self-assessment, quiz or survey 10 points per completed and submitted CCSO quiz or survey
Attendance at the CAO Congress, provincial association CE Conferences, Montreal or Waterloo CE Sessions or other high-quality CE Conferences such as AAO, ARVO, etc. 1 point per hour of Continuing Education
On-line CE Courses that require the registrant to pass an exam at the end 1 point per hour of Continuing Education
Certification Courses following graduation such as Advanced Scope, Advanced Procedures, etc. that increase the skill set, competency and knowledge base of the practitioner. 30 points per completed Certification Course (cannot be claimed in addition to Continuing Education points)
Poster Session on topics not covered previously. 10 points per poster (not previously claimed for points)
Published articles or case reports not previously used for Fellowship points 10 points per article or Case Report (not previously claimed for points)
Participating in a “Journal Club” or reviewing papers sent out by CCSO 1 point per paper reviewed (not previously claimed for points)
Completion of an advanced degree such as MBA, MPH, MSc, PhD, etc. 30 points per Advanced Degree
Completion of a Residency 30 points per Residency (not previously claimed for points)



Yearly dues for maintenance of the CCSO Fellowship designation – $125