Type of Activity Mandatory (Yes or No) Points
Case Reports Yes

  • Although a minimum of 3 case reports is required, it is up to the applicant how many case reports they submit
  • This mandatory requirement is waived for non-clinician applicants
Journal article, complete book or chapter in a book No
  • 20 points per paper for first or senior author
  • 10 points per paper for other authors
  • Original works only
  • No maximum
Presentation of a lecture, wet-lab or workshop No
  • Maximum of 30 points in this category
  • Lectures count as 2x the number of points as for workshops
    • Example: 1 hour of lecture or 2 hours of workshops earns 5 points. Or, 2 hours of lectures or 4 hours of workshops earns 10 points.
  • This activity is not intended for customary classroom prep by University professors or for industry prepared lectures
Poster Presentation No
  • 10 points per original poster
  • Maximum of 30 points in this category
  • Applicants cannot claim credit for presentation of the same poster at different venues
On-line poster presentation No
  • Not currently available, however, the CCSO will develop this activity in future years.
Residency and/or Higher Level Education No
  • 30 points for a completed residency (Does not have to be ASCO accredited)
  • 20 points for a completed MSc
  • 40 points for a completed PhD
Self-directed studies No
  • 1 point per submitted Journal article can be awarded
  • 10 points maximum in this category
  • The applicant must be prepared to discuss details of their self-directed studies during their Oral Exam
  • Applicants are required to submit a list of journals or articles along with a short, detailed summary on the CCSO Self-Directed Study form
Supervision of an optometry student externship or clerkship No
  • 10 points maximum in this category
  • For work as a full-time supervisor for 1 year, or
  • For work 2 days per week as a part-time supervisor in private practice or at the Montreal or Waterloo clinics
Current or previous position on a college or association No
  • 10 points maximum
  • Submit a 1200 word essay related to  current or previous accomplishments and positions held
Oral exam Yes
  • 0 points
  • To be scheduled after the Fellowship Review Panel has accepted all point-generating activities
  • Scheduled at the mutual convenience of the applicant and the Oral Exam Panel during the CAO Congress, at the Montreal or Waterloo CE Sessions or at provincial association CE conferences throughout the country


Fellowship General Rules:

  • A minimum total of 100 points is required to earn the CCSO Fellowship designation. Applicants are allowed and encouraged to complete activities that may take them over the minimum 100 point total.
  • Applicants may start to submit case reports or verification of completion of other activities as soon as they submit their application form and application fee.
  • Applicants have a maximum of 3 years from the time of their application to complete the process; however, CCSO is able to grant additional time to any applicant who requires it (for appropriate reasons).  To request more time to complete your Fellowship process, click the following link: Extension Request.


CCSO Fellowship application fee – $125