The following guide offer a detailed step-by-step process for applying and completing your application for a Specialist designation with the Canadian College of Specialties in Optometry (CCSO). Completion of these requirements allows you to use the title CCSO(S). Examples include:

  • Contact Lens Specialist
  • Low Vision Specialist
  • Ocular Disease (Dry Eye) Specialist
  • Optometry Public Health Specialist
  • Vision Rehabilitation / Vision Therapy Specialist

Should you require any additional assistance with any step along the way, please contact the CCSO office at any time.

Complete all requirements for the Fellowship designation with the CCSO. Successful completion of the CCSO Fellowship designation is mandatory before you may start your application for the CCSO Specialist designation.

Complete the CCSO Specialist Application Form and pay the $250 specialist application fee.

Complete all requirements for the Specialist designation with the CCSO – including the mandatory CCSO Specialist Educational Modules. A minimum of 100 points are required to process your application. Additional details on acceptable activities to earn the specialist designation is listed in the CCSO Specialist Points Guide.

Once all Specialist requirements have been met, the CCSO will contact you to schedule you mandatory Oral Exam and Skills Testing Exam.